(Not) Mark Twain famously said: History does not repeat itself, but it rhymes.

This is my personal blog and digital garden β€” hey or gude as we say in Frankfurt πŸ‘‹ β€” about internet culture, digital business dynamics, nascent technologies and their ancestors and origins.

What you will find here is a loose collections of raw notes and ideas as well as processed thoughts. It’s also my Zettelkasten, so excuse the chaos.

This is all about what? I strongly believe that historical analogies help us to understand better how the future might unfold. The importance of understanding β€˜how’ we got where we are today is key, because when we ask β€˜why?’, the answer is more difficult to find.

Plus: In contrast to blunt visions and flat-pack futures, stories of the past are often more detailed, lively and accessible. Also because technologies and path dependencies seem absurdly easy to predict in retrospect.

Join me on my journey to understand what we can learn from past futures and why ideas, business models or technologies have not been able to prevail. Or what was missing then and is different today. It’s fun.

(Sorry for the unequal English/German ratio. One day I will decide.)


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