September 16, 2019

New Cathedrals - The world’s largest data warehouse

Tencent has built a bomb-proof data center in the hills of Guizhou, China. Set on a 51-hectare site, the company has carved out more than 30,000 square meters of tunneled areas inside a 100 meter high hill, mixing new excavations with natural caves. The Seven Star Data Center has space for more than 600,000 servers, using Tencent’s T-Block modular platform, which involves shipping-container-like prefabricated data centers. The complex has five big entrances. Each entrance will be protected by a large, red metal gate, built to survive most disasters and attacks. The area will be guarded by security robots, drones and facial recognition technology.

More here and here (in german).

Aerial picture from May, 2018 (imago/Xinuah)Aerial picture from May, 2018 (imago/Xinuah)

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