August 20, 2019

Origin Stories

Most of it comes from Version Museum.

Amazon, 1995Amazon, 1995

Apple, 1992Apple, 1992

Facebook, 2004Facebook, 2004

Google Backrub, 1996Google Backrub, 1996

Google Search, 1997Google Search, 1997

Google Maps, 2004Google Maps, 2004

Microsoft, 1994Microsoft, 1994

Netflix, 1999Netflix, 1999

TechCrunch, 2005TechCrunch, 2005

Twitter, 2006Twitter, 2006

Wikipedia, 2001Wikipedia, 2001

Yahoo, 1994Yahoo, 1994

YouTube, 2005

amazon apple facebook google microsoft Netflix techcrunch twitter wikipedia yahoo youtube Pocket Guide to Digital Transformation shortthoughts

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